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Thinking for the future,
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The KDT Engineering Ltd. provides construction services since 2010, delivering state-of-art solutions for both families and commercial clients. With a combination of the internal, highly skilled construction resources and the nearly 30 delivery partners, the company offers end-to-end solutions in housing, refurbishment and redevelopment across the residential and commercial spectrum within the Budapest- Balaton axis.

The approach

Our core values

At the heart of everything we do is quality, our motto is straightforward: Do it once but do it right! We are glad to receive most of our inquiries via the recommendation of our happy clients.

Liable management

Our site manager expertly facilitates the process between the different stages of the construction work and ensures the delivery meets the agreed deadline and is up to the highest quality standards.

Close knit team

Our experienced construction team and our long term delivery partners have been working together since the establishment of the company. This extended work history and trust guarantees that we deliver as per our clients’ expectation and within the agreed timeframes.

Transparent pricing

We are committed to an open and transparent approach to pricing and delivering value, in order to make the expenses trackable and manageable at all stages of the project.

Green building

We have extensive experience in providing solutions towards energy reduction by presenting innovative solutions in energy management, sustainable design and environmental friendly eco housing.

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